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Social Work Fiction
Vulnerable Children in Care


inspired by real events

"This town isn't what it was. It's now run by drug dealers."

"Did that boy Tyler really run away or are the rumours true?"

"There are hidden forces at work here. Trust no-one."


A run-down community in the north of England

Social Work Fiction
Social Work Fiction
Social Work Fiction
Social Work Fiction

Moorton is a fictional semi-urban town in the north-east of England and the setting for the Moorton community novels. Written by an experienced social work and child protection manager with a charity and community based background, the existing and forthcoming novels explore social decay through the eyes of residents and professional workers who have to meet their legal obligations against a backdrop of austerity. The Moorton community novels will be of particular interest to those engaged in social work and child care as they explore real social work dilemmas within a decaying urban environment. The books, inspired by true events, will also be welcomed by those who enjoy gritty, realistic, urban drama. They also stand-alone as emotional mystery thrillers.

Social Work Fiction
Children in Care

Meet the main characters.


Paige's social work training didn't prepare her for the caseload she was soon to manage. More...


Under-resourced and over-worked, Ruth's role as a child protection investigator was a daily challenge. More


Even Clynton didn't know his true heritage and when he found out, it changed things forever. More...


Darryl first appeared to be a victim of circumstances, but what is his true story? More...


Jaxon's sudden admission to foster care exposed him to serious dangers. More...


Colton's recreational drug use suddenly became more sinister when he was recruited as a county lines dealer. More...


After leaving care and becoming homeless, Casper's life went into a downward spiral taking down those around him. More...


Managing a child care team presented Barbara with a daily challenge of upholding social work values and ethics. More...