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LAC Reviews

LAC Reviews

LAC Reviews

Looked After children share their experiences of Looked After (LAC) Reviews together with recommendations for good practice.


"Boring because it wasn't a friendly room. People talked about me, made me nervous. Think there was papers but I didn't read them. Felt really strange but the people who came were okay."

"I discuss the review with my carer before the meeting to decide what we want to talk about."

"What's the point of a review if nothing's done?"

"Reviews should be after school so you don't miss your education."

"Shoulod have been held at home. It was in a strange place in an unfriendly room I'd neverbeen to before which felt like a school."

"Nobody talked to me before the review about what was going to happen."

"I don't like stuff being repeated like being told every six months my placement is long-term."

"It's good having everyone I know together in one room."

"Rubbish. Just boring. Everyone talks about you. Too long." "Sometimes reviews can make you get upset." "Recommendations of reviews should be written so we can understand them, not in a foreign language."

"People should be in for reviews for their part only. Teachers should not be in when private health matters are discussed eg bed wetting or taking the pill etc."

"Bringing up my past sometimes make me worried about my future."

"Reviews remind you of stuff you don't want to be reminded of."

"I didn't listen to what was going on coz it was boring."

"Sometimes people say things will happen but they don't or they take a long time."

"We should be asked who should attend and be listened to!"

"Feels funny people describing how I've been since the last meeting."

"Not enough privacy in the review. Really private matters shouldn't leave the room."

"Consultation papers save me saying what I want to say (I get embarassed.)"

"I am writing about the bad experience I had at a Review meeting. It was about a year ago. I was in a foster placement and I was very unhappy there. It was coming up to my Review Meeting, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell everyone that I was unhappy and I wanted to move as soon as possible. The meeting was going fine, until the person who was chairing my meeting asked me to leave the room. I was shocked but I left the room, I thought to myself that whatever they were saying will be on the minutes of the meeting. One week later I received the minutes only to find out what everyone had said while I was out of the room had not been included on the minutes. I was very annoyed but I didn’t say anything (one year). But now I’m at a foster placement that I like and I’m very happy."

The same group of young people made recommendations to social workers and managers about LAC Reviews:

"There should be proper preparation."

"There should be a relaxed atmosphere with coffee and biscuits."

"People should make every effort to attend and turn up on time."

"The young person should choose where the meeting should be held and it should be after school hours."

"The young person should be familiar with where the meeting is being held."

"The young person should know and have met everyone before the meeting, especially the chairperson."

"The young person and the chair of the meeting should discuss the consultation paper before the meeting starts."

"The young person should be able to have a supporter or friend they can trust at the review."

"The minute takers should be more friendly and outgoing if they have to be there at all."

"The minutes should come out soon after the meeting, should be accurate and not 'bend words' and should be in a suitable language for young people."

"The review doesn't have to all take place at once. It's sometimes better to do a bit of the review with some people present, then other bits later or even on a different day."

"The recommendations must happen and not be delayed. Young people should make use of the complaints system when recommendations are not carried out."

"Time should be spent with the young person after the review to talk about what happened , what was decided, and how the young person feels generally."

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