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Becoming Looked After

Becoming Looked After

Becoming Looked After

Becoming looked after in foster care experiences of young people as they provide key messages to care planners.


"I felt a bit funny when I first went into foster care. I thought that I wasn't going to see my mam again."

"I thought they would know all about me straight away."

"There should be a trial period in foster care."

"We should be prepared for being in foster care and spend time getting to know the carers." "They just dump you with anyone, they could be murderers."

"I went to meet my foster carers with my social worker and my mum before I moved in, but no-one asked me my opinion about them."

"When me and my sister were getting taken into care they just said that they had a nice big house and enough food to go around, I was pleased about that."

"I didn't get to meet them at all."

"Sometimes, I remember when me and me brother got moved, we didn't actually meet the person that we moved to, we just got moved straight away cos there was a problem in the house. Sometimes it does help if you have a visit before but other times it doesn't if you're like, young."

"You should be able to meet them first but say if you hate where you're at and you just want to move then I don't think it would really matter because like you wouldn't really be bothered, you'd just be more bothered with moving."

"If you don't have a visit and you just go there you'd be a bit embarrassed."

"They explained that I was going into foster care and who the carers were. A visit was arranged but events overtook."

"Everything about coming into care is good, it gives you a break. It means you can meet other young people with similar experiences and you realise you're not the only one with problems."

"I thought that wasn't fair because I wasn't welcomed into that home she said that plain, that she didn't really want me there but it's brother and sister, I had to be there."

"Foster care can be boring without anyone your own age to talk to. You get placed with little kids."

"If I said I didn't like them that would've been the end of it, the social worker wouldn't have made me go."

"As you become older you tend to have your own personal preferences - whereas the younger end of the line they seem quite happy."

"You've got to be round people in your area that you're going to make friends with and somewhere that you feel comfortable in."

"It's important (having visits) cos you can't go to long-term placement, you've only got 2 options, one is like to run away which is not nice for anyone, the second option is to go and speak to your social worker. You might not know who your social worker is, or you might not like them."

"I got lost and cried with it being in a new area ... it'd be easier if they showed you where everything is, all the parks and stuff in the area and said like looka this is my house, remember my house, it's got a bolt on the door and stuff like that."

"I find it easier if you're not confident whereabouts you live I met a girl and she used to help me find my way home because I didn't have a clue where I was going."

"I am a teenager who has been in foster care for about 18 months now. I first came into foster carer when I was thirteen and a half because of problems at home

When I first came into foster care it made me think about my future and what I was going to do with my life. I felt frightened, insecure and empty as though no-one cared about me. It was in my head that care was completely different from being at home and it is, but when some people go into care that is home because they have not got a home to go to. So therefore some people are in foster care for life because they have not got a home to go to. So therefore some people are in foster care for life and cannot go home for various reasons

Since I have been in foster care my reports at school have improved and so has my attitude. I have matured and made lots of new friends too. I am now fifteen and because I have matured and my attitude has improved I am allowed to go home in four months time., But in the meantime I am in a lovely foster home with people who care about me and I am doing very well in lots of different ways."

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