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Messages from children and young people about their experinces of contact with family for Looked After Children.


"Foster carers try and take over your life. If you've got a family you see regularly you might not want anyone to try and take their place cos they're still you're family."

"I asked my social worker to find my real parents and all that. The only thing she's done for me is give me a letter and give me some photos, and my mam said on the letter she wants to get in contact with me, but how's she meant to get in contact with me if she doesn't give me the address."

"You don't see your family enough." 

"You get placed too far away from your family."

 "Kids should have more holidays with their own families." 

"They should go out more places more with their own families."

"Foster carers could take you over to see your family, make sure you have plenty of contact if you do miss them."

"When me mam used to live at ..... and then she moved but each time we went down to see her it was like once a week, we used to have to go to the social services office and like we used to have to wait for the taxi and like if it was late it wasn't very fair because you were losing time on seeing your mam and you couldn't get that time back." 

"Foster carers should just let you know they understand that you miss your family." 

"My friends live in .... and I've just been moved to .... I go to school in .... one of my friends goes to the other school so I can't see her often and I have to pay to get there just to go to see my friends."

"I can't even sleep over to see them, they would have to get police checked and it takes a long time to get the forms back through." 

"I think they should be allowed to sleep over where we live they should be allowed to sleep over for the night .... no-one is allowed to."

"I get embarrassed when I see my friends cos I don't want them to know I'm in foster care."

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