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Drug Dealers


County Drug Dealers

A former child in care, Casper was recruited as one of many drug dealers then set up his own county lines drug operation

When Casper was left home alone he accidentally set fire to his house causing life changing injuries, including serious skin damage to his neck and face. Abandoned by his single mother, he then grew up in care and in youth detention following an act of violence towards another foster child in his placement. Following his release and deemed unsuitable for foster care, he was moved to a larger children's home where he was introduced to cannabis and a darker world than he had ever imagined possible. On leaving care he soon became homeless and was recruited as a drugs dealer by Jaxon's father and soon set up his own county lines drugs operation involving a number of children and other young people from the Moorton Community. Was his social work manager at fault for writing him off at 17 years old, and if so, how could his life have turned out differently? Check out our social work values page here.

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