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Foster Kids

Foster Kids Advice

Foster Kids

Looked After kids in foster care give advice to their social workers about everyday challenges


Paul and Louise can't live with their mam or dad at the moment, but they miss them lots. How can I make it better for them?

"Let them go on lots of visits. Let them have sleepovers. Get the family to write to Paul and Louise."
"Give them lots of time with their parents so they can go to parks and things, Make lots of phone calls to them."
"Put a picture of their mam and dad by their bedside."
"Let them live in foster care near to their parents as they can then see their parents lots."

Foster Kids

My boss says that I have to complete Assessment and Action Records with the young people I work with, but most of them refuse! What should I do?

"You can't make the young people complete them."
"Grease up to the young people. Take them out on trips and bring them sweets!"
"Ask them nicely and explain it's a part of their record in foster care."

Foster Kids

Melanie has to move foster carers next week because her current foster carers are stopping fostering. What can I do to make this difficult experience as painless as possible for her?

"Let her visit first, three times in the week, but still get her to keep in touch with the old foster carers. Convince the old foster carers to keep fostering."
"Melanie should tell the foster carers she wants to stay longer."
"Remember that the previous carers are still part of her family."
"Take her out for the day and buy her a present, then visit every week until you're sure she's settled down."

Foster Kids

Stephanie has told me that she's very unhappy with the foster carer she is staying with and is desperate to move. I haven't got anywhere else for her. What should I do?

"Try to make agreements with the foster carers. If they don't live up to it ask if she could live with her gran."
"You should go to the house to talk to Stephanie and the foster carer to sort things out."
"Put her in a youth hostel till they find another placement."

Foster Kids

I'm the new social worker for Gary, and I know I'm his fourth social worker in the last two years. How could I best meet him and how can I best get to know him?

"Take him out somewhere nice and get formally introduced."
"Make sure you talk in English that young people can understand."
"Make sure you're not a brand new social worker as you won't know how to help young people in care properly."
"Make sure you've got a car so you can take Gary out."
"I would like it if you came to my house first than visited me at least every week till I get to know you."
"I would prefer to visit you and go for walks or maybe shopping."
"If it was me I'd like you to let me see my family more."
"Don't try and get too close too early, its scary."

Foster Kids

I promised to take Stewart out to MacDonald's tonight, but now I can't because my boss has told me I have to make a late visit and I'm going out with my own daughter tonight.

"Phone Stewart and take him out the next night instead."
"Try and tell him that you have some business to do and say that you're sorry and that you will take him to MacDonald's as soon as possible."
"You should keep your promise to Stewart and tell your boss you're not going on the late visit."

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