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Looked After Children and Education

Looked After Children and Education

Looked After Children Education

Experiences and messages from children and young people Looked After about their education and their feelings


"You get threatened with moving on if you don't go to school. It's just because they want you out of the way during the day, not because they are bothered about your education."

"I'm happier about school cos I've got a nice home to go to."

"My foster carer makes sure I do my homework and encourages me, she goes to parents evening."

"Foster carers should help you with your homework but not put lots of pressure on you, try and encourage you to do your best. When you're stuck the carers should be there to help. You need space to do your work as well. At home I wasn't taking school seriously... I've done better at school since being in care, everyone encouraged me .... it's the fact that they cared about my future and encouraged me to think about my future and care about myself."

"Foster care doesn't make any difference at school. It's just the same."

"School gets you out of the house."

"I mean it can take for ever to get to school - I went to the same school - had major problems there - if you don't want people to know, like if you are going to a very local school where you know lots of people and you arrive for school in a taxi for some strange reason when you are only supposed to live down the bank it brings up queries and all sorts of things."

"I still went to the same school and every day I used to travel from .... to .... every morning for about a year and I was always getting questioned and it used to take nearly half an hour each morning - I didn't think it was quite fair that people was coming over to you and saying why are you getting a taxi you know what I mean?"

"It's better if they (foster carers) have got a computer ... young people need computers to do well at school. Kids in care don't understand how to use computers, you need computer skills to get on. You can get behind if you're in care."

"Teachers shouldn't keep going on about carers. They always pick on something to make others laugh at you and show you up."

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