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Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children in Care

Messages and experiences about safeguarding children by children and young people in care.


"Sometimes she lets us go down the street, like when you take a dvd back for her."

"We're only allowed in the estate and like round the park area."

"I'd just like to be a normal kid and go anywhere I want, allowed to use public transport."

"Police checks are shocking."

"There are too many rules. You can't stay at someone's house unless they've been police checked. We understand it's to do with safety but we want a normal sort of life like other kids."

"There's an awful lot of red tape for whatever goes on in social services - but one of the longest things and the most red tape can be any kind of problems with the police check. If there's any problem that is found within getting the police check I mean it might mean something that somebody hasd to be supervised by visits with family or whatever within the foster placement itself."

"It's a problem when you want to sleep out and the family have to have police checks - it takes ages."

"My friend asked me to sleep at her house but we had problems because we had to wait a few days for the actual form to come through and when they had actually put the details on the form there was an address on the bottom form but we had problems and it didn't actually go straight back to social services and it took longer than it should've done - about two weeks."

"I know people who have had it take longer than two weeks - you're looking at a couple of months you know, just for a police check."

"I was living with this foster carer and his son never got police checked, so I had to stay with this foster family for the weekend. I didn't know who they were or anything."

"Its important to have rules and boundaries so you know where you stand with the family."

"The thing is there's one thing I hate and that's my money stopped. That's why I tend to try and keep myself in order."

"If they've done it for the first time you don't really want to punish them, make it easy for them to share their problems, the second time take action."

"If they do it there might be a problem elsewhere. You should talk to them - family, social worker, friend."

"I think if they've done something wrong you should try to get it out of them why they've done wrong. You punish them but afterwards carry on as normal."

"My mam's died and whenever someone says I'm glad she's dead and everything wouldn't you lash out if someone said that? But just cos I've been kicked out of school for fighting as well. And it's just that people have been calling me names and everything and I just can't help it, cos it's really personal and everything."

"If I do something wrong I'm asked to go out for like a little while and then when I come back in she explains it all and asks me why."

"I had a foster carer who did something brilliant. She had 2 kids .... when they went to school and if they tidy their room they get an extra fiver and all that and like if they had one piece of clothing out of place they'd get money taken off them, but the amount of money some weeks they got over about forty something quid like - it's too much, they should go to school normally, I don't think its fair."

"If they do something good, reward them for it."

"In .... children's home ... you can get away with blue murder because rights plays a part for everything people can play on rights and so forth. The thing is sanctions are not applied all that frequently but if they were, well ok, your parents would be strict. I mean you'd be told off and getting sanctioned at home. Therefore if you're taking tellings off and sanctions away from that its not going to be a normal environment. In a normal environment you would be sanctioned for doing something wrong."

"I got moved for coming in 15 minutes late. It was only the 3rd time, I had ben (sic) there for 2 and a half months."

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