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Taylen Calder

There are few realistic social work books and fiction novels set in the UK let alone ones written by a former social work manager set in deprived urban community.

Taylen Calder is a former child protection manager and chair of a small charity working within a rural community in East Africa. Writing under a pseudonym, Taylen explains, "When writing, I draw upon real life experiences that bring, to my mind, situations and characters to life. Writing anonymously gives me a greater licence to draw upon those people and events whilst ensuring the work remains a piece of realistic and satisfying fiction." Taylen spends time living between homes in the north of England and East Africa, which provides a tranquil setting for writing from a eco-house that rests thousands of feet up nestled into a mountainside looking down on a valley of rolling hills clustered with traditional African dwellings.

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The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project
When Sheila Knight decided to leave a personal legacy by establishing a volunteer project in East Africa, she could never have imagined the journey that lay ahead nor the world she would be drawn into by Coleb, an orphaned village boy, who wasn't quite the innocent child he at first appeared to be. Written by a former child protection manager and chair of a charity working within a community in East Africa, The Lighthouse Project is inspired by real events and chronicles the development of unlikely friendships built across cultural divides as those loyalties are tested against a background of duplicity, deception, manipulation and ultimate tragedy.

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