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Social Work Stories

Social Work Stories

Social Work Stories

On this page we offer some free bonus materials from the social work stories available in the Moorton Community Novels.


At the end of Forces at Work Paige Emerson faced an uncertain future. Whilst the story continues in No Place for Scion? the events at paige's disciplinary hearing are available exclusively here. Download the file to find out what happened in one of our free online social work stories!

"Thank-you." Much to Paige's horror her manager simply sat down then sipped on her glass of water before standing up again. "One other thing, did this sweet, vulnerable little boy who you were seeing for three months disclose to you that he was a county lines drug dealer, he had raped another boy to prove his loyalty to his drug supplier who we believe he was being sexually abused by, he was posing as another youth to recruit children into a paedophile ring, he had violently attacked Paige's five-year-old son to the point he required hospitalisation and that he had participated in the attempted murder of Jaxon Frieman and Clynton Laurent in addition to killing Adam Archer when he lost control of the stolen car he was driving?"

"Really?" Penny stared at Barbara, shocked, and squirmed in her chair. "I can't say, in all honesty, any of those particular themes or issues were explored in our sessions."

"Thank-you. No further questions."

Download the full PDF file!