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Social Worker


Child Care Social Worker

As a newly qualified child care social worker, Paige's caseload was soon to affect her mental health and put her family in danger

Paige, a single mother of one, is a newly qualified social worker who had expected her social worker training to adequately prepare her for work in the field, but she was wrong. From day one she faced challenges but was fortunate to have a supportive manager who guided her through her first caseload. Soon however she came across one challenge nothing could have prepared her for; a client from her office suddenly attaching himself to her family compromising her professionalism which had a severe impact on her already frail, and hidden, mental health. Paige soon found herself in conflict with another new social worker on her team about emotional involvement in some of her cases. Do you agree with her style of work or do you support her colleague who intervened on a more clinical basis and which style ultimately benefited the clients they were working with? Check out our social work values page here.

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