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Social Workers

Social Workers

Child Care Social Workers

Messages from children and young people Looked After about their social workers and their experiences


"It's all down to having a good social worker. I have a good relationship with mine and he comes to see me once a week without fail. He gets things done for me. He asks me what I want, gives me advice, takes an interest in me."

"Like if they make you feel comfortable with them and they're trustworthy then I think it's important if you've got sympathy off social services you can really trust and that."

"They have to want the best for young people. Quite a few social workers don't tell young people what to do they just leave them to do whatever they want ... they've got no authority cos they don't know what they're doing. They have to be experienced and know what they're doing or they just do your head in."

"The only people they care about is themselves. I would not trust my social worker if my life depended on it."

"I'd make social workers listen. From what I know of them, and those I have seen, they are the most ignorant people in the world."

"The one thing I would change is not to be fostered so that I never had a social worker."

"Social workers need a good sense of humour, you need to have a joke with them. You can't be dead serious or you make kids miserable."

"They're boring."

"They should be more trendy."

"You have to be able to let them know if they're doing your head in without them taking a huff on you."

"Mine's always there, she talks too much as well."

"The one that moved me she used to be awful and she never really listened but I know one of them, she's really canny, she listens and there's another one, she listened."

"My social worker does listen, I don't like my foster carer and she is trying to get me another one."

"Lack of communication between me and my social worker, but in some cases it can just be paranoia."

"Stop getting new social workers."

"When you are talking to your social worker they've got to listen to what you're saying and not always criticise what you're saying or contradict you on it and things like that."

"For social workers and other people in the office to stop getting so many holidays and sick leave because every time we want them they are on holiday or sick leave ... I would like them to be available more often."

"I would like to have a social worker for more than three visits. I think that it important so I can put my views forward about what I want to change. I would like someone to talk to about my problems I am having at home or college."

"A choice in social workers."

I am a young girl of 16yrs. I came into care at the beginning of this year. I absolutely hated social workers (there is still a few I don’t like), I thought all they were good for was interfering and making trouble. But I had to be grateful when they offered me food and somewhere to stay. I am now in a long-term placement. I know how lucky I am, not to have to move around all the time. Its through being in this placement that I have managed to turn myself around with a lot of help from my foster parents and my social worker. If I didn’t have them I wouldn’t have done my GCSEs and I’d probably still be hanging around the street’s getting p*****. I think a lot of people in care think that Social Worker’s are gods (I know a few who think they are), and should be on beck and call whenever you want something. I thought exactly the same when I first came in care. I have since learned this isn’t true. I could phone my social worker one day and I have to wait, sometimes 3-4 days before they remember I exist. But I know I have to wait my turn, its not the end of the world. I just think myself lucky that I have somewhere to live, food to eat, and people who care. I make myself remember there are still those who are worse off than I am.

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